Fusion Apollo MS-SRX400 Marine Zone Stereo

With Built-in Wi-Fi® and Ethernet

The Fusion® Apollo™ MS-SRX400 is a top-of-the-line marine audio system that offers exceptional sound quality and a host of advanced features for boaters who demand the best.

One of the standout features of the Fusion® Apollo™ MS-SRX400 is its high-quality sound. With a maximum power output of 140 watts, this system delivers crisp, clear audio that is sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles. The system also features four channels, which allows for a variety of speaker configurations and the ability to customize your audio setup to suit your preferences.

In addition to its impressive sound quality, the Fusion® Apollo™ MS-SRX400 is also packed with advanced features that set it apart from other marine audio systems on the market. For example, the system features advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology, which allows you to fine-tune your audio settings to achieve the perfect sound. The system also supports a variety of audio formats, including FLAC and WAV, which allows for high-quality audio playback.

Another great feature of the Fusion® Apollo™ MS-SRX400 is its ease of use. The system features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen that displays all of the important information you need, including song and artist information, as well as volume and other settings. The system also comes with a convenient remote control, which makes it easy to adjust your audio settings from a distance.


Physical dimensions: (H x W x D): 2.76″ x 4.33″ x 4.81″ (70 x 110 x 122 mm)
Weight: 12 oz (340 g)
Water rating: IPX6 and IPX7 (Front panel only, when properly installed)
Power input: 10.8-16 VDC
Current max: 8 A
Operating temperature range: 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
Bluetooth wireless range: Up to 30 ft (10 meters)
Wireless frequencies/protocols: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz @ +15 dBm nominal, Bluetooth 2.4 GHz @ +10 dBm nominal
Compass-safe distance: 3.9″ (100mm)

Stereo Features:

Display: 2.7″ LCD
Build-in amplifier: Class-D (2 Ohm stereo-stable)
Peak power: 140w
Rated power output (2 Ohm): 43 W rms 2 @ 14.4 V input
Rated power output (4 Ohm): 26 W rms 2 @ 14.4 V input
PartyBus – Network capabilities: wired or wireless
Fusion-Link control: with MFD and Smartphone
Multi-Zone: 1 zone
Built in Wi-Fi
Bluetooth wireless technology

Sources / Connectivity:

Sources: AM / FM / Bluetooth / Apple Airplay 2 / UPnP
Ethernet Port
AM/FM radio via Motorola Antenna Connector
2 x speaker connections with 1 Zone amplified
RCA Pre-out for left, right and subwoofer
Line out
Subwoofer out

Whats included

Fusion MS-SRX400 radio
Mounting gasket
Mounting template
4 x 8-gauge, self tapping screws
2 screw covers
Power, speaker, line-out and subwoofer-out wiring harness


Overall, I would highly recommend the Fusion® Apollo™ MS-SRX400 to anyone in need of a top-of-the-line marine audio system. With its exceptional sound quality, advanced features, and ease of use, this system is a great investment that is sure to provide years of enjoyment on the water.

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